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2020 Competitive Baseball and Softball Tryouts


SJB Travel Baseball & Softball Teams


TO:  Parents of Streetsboro Junior Baseball and Softball Youth players

REGARDING:  2020 Travel Teams


Dear Parents,


Streetsboro Junior Baseball and Softball is excited to be organizing local travel / tournament baseball & softball teams for next spring. These programs strive to provide players seeking a higher level of competition an opportunity to compete against some of the top community and select travel teams in Northeast Ohio, while focusing on developing strong fundamentals, teamwork, and a sense of community at a reasonable cost.  Our view is that Streetsboro players should not have to leave the community to join a private club and spend thousands of dollars to get a top tier baseball or softball experience and reach their maximum potential. Tryouts will be announced as they are determined.  This team is for those interested in a competitive atmosphere that will remain focused on fun and baseball/softball fundamentals.  


COMMITMENT:  Being on a youth local travel / tournament team requires a commitment of both athlete and parent/family. This will include a commitment of both time and money. The commitment to this team is more than to a recreational team and carries higher expectations. Players selected for this tournament team will likely start practice in early Jan. Players must also be committed to attending several weekend tournaments in which the team may play. Players and parents must also be committed to skill development as the team will be competing against teams selected from other communities.


COST:  If your child has been invited to join one of the travel team he/she will be required to make a $150 deposit to hold their spot within 30 days of accepting.  We approximate the cost total to participate to be $400 to $500 with the expectation that the overall cost will go down with fundraising. The overall feel includes the cost of tournament fees, the player uniform home and away (hat, jersey, pants, belt, socks, helmet) which you keep at the end of the season, league entrance fee, indoor facilities, and any other needs of the team. 


DATES:  Tournament dates and game schedules are yet to be determined. Tournament dates will be announced after the team is set which allows us to meet as a group to determine what works best for all families. Indoor practices will likely begin in January and outdoor practices will begin April 1st.  In addition, this is a good opportunity to start teaching baseball/softball concepts that the players will need to understand as we approach tournament play. As summer approaches, practice days may increase.


COMPETITIVENESS:  This team will be competitive in nature and thus will be playing to win games. However, at this age there will be a significant emphasis placed on fun and skill development but there are no guarantees on playing time or positions played. Tournament playing time, batting order, fielding positions, etc will be at the sole discretion of coaches.


EXPECTATIONS:  Those players selected for the team will be expected to make practices and attend the tournaments. Please consider these expectations before attending the tryout. It is reasonable to expect that players might miss a couple of practices due to other family events/obligations but they will need to inform the coaching staff. If a player is unable to attend a tournament they must notify the coaches well in advance so coaches can ensure they can field a team.


FUTURE: This team will likely move forward each year with a similar format. Those that cannot make the commitment this year or do not make the team are welcome to try-out in subsequent years.


TEAM FORMATION IS SJB DECISION: While SJB would love to form teams for both baseball and softball at ALL age levels, teams will be formed based on interest from players and from coaches.  It is the sole discretion of SJB's board and travel committee as to whether a team should be formed at given age levels. That decision will include competitiveness of the team and the ability to form a good coaching staff for the team.


WHAT NEXT AND HOW TO SIGN-UP:  Those interested in having their child tryout for the team must complete this registration.



Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:

Greg Szcencinski

Phone: (440) 897-0915